by Editorial Team
December 10, 2015

As research shows, more and more shoppers are using their smartphone to check the availability of products and look for stores nearby

According to the eMarketer Omnichannel Trends 2015, mobile is the new retail hub. The first part of the research looks at the ways in which U.S. smartphone owners plan to use their mobile device while holiday shopping.

 First result: Users are searching for coupons

The result shows us that 33 percent of respondents would use their smartphone to search for a coupon for a store they are in. About 32 percent would search for a coupon for an item or brand to purchase. And 14 percent of shoppers would use their phone to make a purchase.

Second result: In future, more people will buy via tablet

Furthermore, the research found that the percentage of people who are not only browsing with a mobile device but rather buying will increase, from 66.2 percent in 2013 to 76 percent in 2018. Another interesting finding is that the majority of respondents would prefer to use a tablet (88.1 percent) rather than their smartphone (53.7 percent) for buying in the future.

Shoppers want a consistently personalized shopping experience

The next question is why do shoppers use smartphones and tablets? The most popular reason is to look for a store nearby. The second reason is to find and compare prices. And the third is to look up directions to visit a local store. Moreover they want to find coupons and deals as well as use review to decide on a location to visit.

Third result: Shoppers see the importance of omnichannel

In conclusion, U.S. shoppers see the importance of omnichannel retailing because they want to check the availability of a product via the internet prior to visiting the store. In addition they want to have the ability to buy or reserve a product as well as have the option to receive a receipt via email. Besides this, they would like to take advantage of stored profile information across all channels for easy access. At least 47 percent would like to get a following purchase with a personalized coupon. This would ensure a consistent shopping experience from one channel to the next. 43 percent appreciate having access to sophisticated mobile sites at the convenience.


All in all, this new omnichannel trends are helping to turn shoppers into buyers.