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Posts with tag „contactless“

May 24, 2018

Why Payment Is the New Key to the Customer

Consumers wish for added value during the payment process. A new generation of successful loyalty apps with a payment function are the best example: They offer a seamless payment experience combined with intelligent features providing added value. Let’s be honest: Everyone loves shopping, but nobody really likes to pay. But have you ever tried user-friendly and innovative payment solutions that...
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June 23, 2017

Interview: How NFC enables an Energetic Campaign

When talking about the future of payment, let’s not forget to take a look at extraordinary, creative and playful examples of how contactless payment can be used. Recently, commuters of London’s Underground rubbed their eyes and took a second look. NFC-enabled, contactless cards used to tap and pay for rides at the entrance are perfectly normal, but something strange was...
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April 26, 2016

Part 3 of our “Simply Uncomplicated” Series: What is NFC?

How NFC simplifies and speeds up the payment process at the point of sale In recent years, mobile payment has further established itself based on the international transmission standard NFC – the basic prerequisite. But what exactly is NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of close-range wireless communication standards. Simply put, it's a method of wireless data transfer...
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February 11, 2016

Singapore is on the Way to a Cashless Society – Especially Credit and Cash Cards are popular

Thanks to widespread contactless card acceptance and a high level of mobile readiness, Singapore is close to a cashless society Everyone who ventures into Singapore on the road will notice: it beeps everywhere. Why? Because in Singapore every car and motorcycle driver needs an “In-Vehicle-Unit” (IU) fitted to the windscreen or the handlebars to pay for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP...
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November 30, 2015

UK Paves the Way for a Mass Adoption of Contactless Payments by Increasing Spending Limit

Thanks to rapid growth in contactless payments in the UK, the spend limit has now increased from £20 to £30 Contactless payments in the UK reached a record £2.5B in the second quarter of 2015, more than double that of the previous six years combined, according to the UK Cards Association. In London last year, nearly one in three card...
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November 24, 2015

There is a Huge Potential for Mobile Payments in the German Market Right Now

Research shows contactless transactions in Germany will double by 2020. Why new mobile payment solution “boon.” will boost the trend Slowly but surely, mobile payment is gaining momentum in Germany. Why slowly? Because the acceptance of mobile payment among German consumers is not as high as in other European countries. What are the reasons for this? First of all, Germans...
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