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Posts with tag „lending“

September 27, 2019

Payment Innovations Made in Africa: Impressive Innovation, Unlimited Opportunity

To travelers worldwide, Africa is known for its beautiful landscapes and its diverse cultures and languages. Less well known, however, is how diverse, dynamic and highly innovative Africa's Fintech culture is. At Wirecard we are always exploring international trends in payment, so today let us have a deeper look into how the rapid ascent of mobile money across Africa is...
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September 13, 2019

The Evolution of Digital Payouts for SME Lenders

In recent years, online lenders have made strides toward solving a problem for growing US businesses: they put speed, flexibility, and opportunity on the table for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that once struggled to get loans. 80 percent of SMEs use external funding, and the majority want to borrow no more than $250,000. This makes them ideal candidates for...
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