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December 15, 2019

The joy of cashless shopping at Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and the best thing about giving gifts is seeing the joy on someone’s face when they unwrap something specially chosen by you. The great news is, choosing the perfect presents and completing your Christmas shopping list on time can be just as joyful as the moment when you give them, when you outsource the...
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December 12, 2019

‘Tis the season to make shopping frictionless and delightful

A guest article by Carine Low, Regional Head of Marketing & Communications, Asia Pacific, at Wirecard It seems like it was only yesterday when we had the 11.11 Singles’ Day sales here in Asia, and now we are entering the last major retail event of 2019 – the 12.12 sales. These two events have transformed the retail landscape in Asia,...
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December 4, 2019

A Culture of Convenience: Insights from the Global Shopping Report

Today we live in a culture of convenience. If there is one thing that consumers now want more than anything else it is a unified, connected experience. This was exemplified in our recent global shopping report, which analyzed consumer preferences, spending habits and purchasing methods worldwide. The results of the independent survey of 4,500 consumers found that two-thirds said that...
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December 1, 2019

Go cashless this Christmas for a more sustainable future

The festive season is an ideal time to pause and think about how we can change our habits to live more sustainably through the holidays and beyond. Going cashless is a great way for both consumers and merchants to limit environmental impact. Not only do digital payments save paper used to print cash, managing your money online skips the entire...
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September 27, 2019

Payment Innovations Made in Africa: Impressive Innovation, Unlimited Opportunity

To travelers worldwide, Africa is known for its beautiful landscapes and its diverse cultures and languages. Less well known, however, is how diverse, dynamic and highly innovative Africa's Fintech culture is. At Wirecard we are always exploring international trends in payment, so today let us have a deeper look into how the rapid ascent of mobile money across Africa is...
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July 17, 2019

Exclusive Report: Top Five Trends in Hong Kong’s Digital Payments Landscape

Evolving customer preferences, increased smartphone penetration and the proliferation of innovative solutions are transforming the payments landscape both in Hong Kong and globally. With Hong Kong’s ecommerce market expected to grow at 7.4% to US$6.4 billion by 2023, the city presents massive opportunities for retailers as well as solution providers. There is also great potential in enhancing the customer experience...
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May 28, 2019

Cashless Think Tank #5
Spiros Margaris: “Paying Will Be Less and Less of a Nuisance for Customers”

The future is cashless – this is what our Wirecard experts regularly report on this blog. But as we also find other perspectives exciting, we have asked various experts with different backgrounds for their insights, experiences and opinions about cashless as part of our "Cashless Think Tank" interview series (click here to read all parts published so far). Today we...
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March 7, 2019

Electronic Shelf Labels: 5 Ways They Make Life Easier for Retailers – and Customers Happier

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) allow retailers to capture the same digital magic that has made e-commerce and m-commerce so successful, while also retaining the unique value that only physical stores can offer. Learn more about the five ways ESLs help brick-and-mortar retailers digitalize their business. E-commerce is big, but stationary retail is still number 1, and for good reason Globally,...
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