by Leo Molatore
August 18, 2017

Meet Singtel’s Dash, a modern and comprehensive mobile wallet which is a handy daily companion for many users in Singapore

When it comes to modern ways of payment, from a worldwide point of view Asia is clearly on the top of the list.

While often China with its big, innovative players like Alipay or WeChat Pay gets most of the attention, let’s not forget highly dynamic and advanced countries like Singapore.

This city-state which due to its small size is often referred to as “little red dot” is not only a global commerce, finance and transport hub, but as the World Economic Forum called it the “most technology-ready” nation in the world. Consequently, Singapore is one of the gems of the global financial services industry. There, many firms have their operational headquarters and innovation labs.

Within this ecosystem, the telecommunications company Singtel owns a significant market share not only in Singapore, but has over 600 million customers in 25 countries. Recently, the newest version of their mobile wallet Dash has been announced.

Dash is an insightful showcase for what a modern all-in-one payment solution should offer. It is such a comprehensive solution that it accompanies customers through their daily routine:

Users can pay their coffee on their way to work, their public transport fares or their taxi; they can use it for shopping online or offline. Dash has become Singapore’s most widely accepted digital wallet also thanks to the fact that in partnership with Wirecard, Singtel is rolling out the country’s first Visa virtual card.

What is more, Dash customers can not only send money to friends locally – e.g. when they owe them something after eating together in a restaurant – but also remit money overseas to countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, India or China.

To learn more about these and many other of the wallet’s features, enjoy the video!