by Leo Molatore
September 27, 2017

Mobile payment – people have to try it to see how easy, secure and convenient it is!

This is why we got in touch with German business editors, money experts and video bloggers Timo and Mario, well-known to many from their video blog “Mission Money”.

So they give mobile payment a try, using the boon app by Wirecard on their smartphone. Boon, the first fully digitized mobile payment solution from Wirecard works independently from any bank or telecom operator and transforms smartphones into mobile wallets in no time.

#mobilepayment is easy, secure and fun – watch @Tymo_B and @mister__mario giving it a try! #boon

In addition, Timo and Mario ask some shoppers in Munich’s city center to test mobile, cashless and contactless payment via boon in various shops and subsequently interview them about their experiences.

Here you see the result:

By the way, mobile payment truly is a hot topic. On our blog, we’ve written many times about its various facets – just click on the link and find lots of blog articles about its various and fascinating aspects!