by Editorial Team
February 01, 2016

The customer journey will play an increasingly important role for retailers if they want to be successful in the future. This video shows how this journey will work for consumers and retailers

In the future, shopping will be very different as it is today. Retailers will be able to draw attention to their services through digital touch points. For example, when consumers walk past a touch point, they will receive information individually tailored to their needs on their smartphone screen.

In the future, consumers will receive personal messages and coupons

Another advancement involves when customers check into a shop on their smartphone upon entering. On doing so, they will receive a personal message and check-in coupons as a purchase incentive as well as information on the latest offers.

In addition, retailers can make multimedia content available via wireless solutions or apps. Through social media functions on their smartphone, customers can share anything with friends in their social media networks.

For a perfect customer journey, an in-store navigation system will guide consumers wirelessly to their desired products and other offers which may be of interest to them.

Prospective customers will scan offers using their smartphone camera

By using their smartphones, customers will be able to scan offers using their smartphone camera and an installed QR reader. At that point, they can buy a product if it is available, discover more about it or place an order immediately. Existing customers can be notified when their favorite products are on offer and when they last bought them.

Lastly, consumers will have the option to confirm the contents of their shopping bag via a store app, and then pay on their mobile. At the same time, wireless hotspots can provide access to infotainment at the point of sale and encourage consumers to stay in the shop for longer.

After checkout, the loyalty status comes into play and enables customers to be addressed personally. Retailers can approach customers themselves in this way, for example offering them a complimentary muffin and a cup of tea.